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Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man

Source: Crystal Dynamics / Marvel’s Avengers

The struggle train that is Crystal Dynamic’s attempt at a video game MCU with Marvel’s Avengers is coming to an end.

After two long years of trying to follow its “roadmap” of content, Crystal Dynamics announced it will end active development on Marvel’s Avengers, saying it was a decision it “undertook in conjunction with our partners.”

The sad news came in a blog post called “Final Update on The Future of Marvel’s Avengers” that hilariously dropped with a broken link, clearly indicating how doomed this video game was.

In the post, Crystal Dynamic said it would discontinue support for the game on September 30, which will see all digital purchases end, meaning all those costumes and other DLC will be free.

So we understand if players who have been grinding and spending money on this game over the last two years decided to HULK OUT, knowing they will not be getting a refund.

Update 2.7, which saw the Winter Soldier and the Cloning Lab Omega Level Threat event come to Marvel’s Avengers, will be the game’s last content release. Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation exclusive.

On March 31, Update 2.8 will arrive and serve as the game’s final balance update. After that, Crystal Dynamics will shutter the cosmetics marketplace, and players will no longer be able to purchase credits.

The player’s remaining credit balances will be converted into in-game resources, and all cosmetics will become free.

The Writing Was On The Wall For Marvel’s Avengers From The Start

Marvel’s Avengers has been fighting for its life since its announcement. Gamers flamed its generic take on the character designs, calling them the stunt doubles of the real-life actors in the MCU.

Before the game’s release, the beta did nothing to win over fans, leaving them worried about what would come. The game arrived to mid reviews, with most complaints thrown at the game’s online multiplayer component, which was bare bones at the time.

In our review of Marvel’s Avengers, we said this game could be the Age of Ultron of video games, meaning it would be appreciated later as time passed.

There were signs of hope with the Black Panther: War For Wakanda expansion, but it turns out we were WRONG.

Well, at least we still got Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, that mysterious Black Panther and Captain America game, and the standalone Black Panther game to look forward to.

You see more reactions to Marvel’s Avengers being put on ice in the gallery below.

Photo: Crystal Dynamics / Marvel’s Avengers

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