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Last night Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion had Twitter in a frenzy with the release of their highly anticipated collaboration “WAP” and now that she’s once again the darling of the Hip-Hop world, Cardi’s out there talkin’ that ish with the media and letting everyone into her world to learn more about how she gets down.

Recently the Bronx bomber had a virtual interview with RADIO.COM‘s Julia in which she opened up about why she’s taken her time with her new album, including personal records on her new project, and why she dropped her Megan Thee Stallion record when she did. Though Cardi admits that she had the Megan record “for a hot minute” she’s been holding onto it and wouldn’t drop it until the perfect time. Given the state of the world right now, Cardi couldn’t have picked a better moment to give everyone something to uplift their spirits and have fun with.

“This song is really well and I think I put the right, the right – this song is like a real Megan record. It’s super-super Megan, and it’s like perfect. Sunkiss.”

She ain’t lying.

As for why she didn’t immediately capitalize off her Grammy award winning Invasion of Privacy with another album, Cardi explains that she didn’t want to the 2nd project to “be a rushed work. I want this to be like ‘Wow, she really outdid herself.’ No comparison. No nothing.”

And do expect some personal records on the album as Cardi confirmed that it will contain relationship inspired songs being that she feels it plays a major part in her life.

“Part of my life always been relationships. I feel like every single time that you are in a relationship and something wrong goes it, once you leave the relationship you always become a new person. It’s like, you always rebirth yourself and you always learn lessons from it. And to this day I still learn lessons from it so of course i’ma do those type of records.”

Are we gonna get that Tomi Lahren diss track tho? Just kidding.

Check out the full interview below and let us know your thoughts on “WAP” and what you hope to hear from Cardi’s new project in the comments section.

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