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Azealia Banks has become more known for her outlandish social media outbursts than her actual music. Some recent thoughts she shared on Instagram Stories has cause concern for her mental health, with many citing a double standard when it comes to her treatment compared to Kanye West’s.

Taking to IG Stories, Banks dropped some messages that leave fan hoping someone will go check on the “212” rapper.

“Yeah, I’m think I’m done here,” reads one message. “This pandemic, extreme lack of social interaction, no intimacy, combined with constant public ridicule is making life harder than it’s worth.”

She added, “My soul is tired. I’m ready.”

The message’s suicidal thoughts are quite alarming. Of course, there were trolls offering anything but comfort, but the lion’s share of people were not here for such insensitivity.

“Kanye gets thoughts and prayers and becomes a billionaire with all the bs he’s said. People care about his mental health and will give him a pass. Azealia Banks has had similar breaks in her mental health and the blogs ignore her. She doesn’t get any passes. Pray for her too!,” wrote Twitter user @theteaisbyme.

While we have long taken issue with Azealia Banks tendency to troll for the sake of trolling, if it is indeed due to some sort of mental issue, we would hope she is seeking treatment. Kanye West gets no passes either—he get the same energy when it comes to mental health. You can dislike someone’s actions, but simultaneously hope the best for their welfare as well.

Many have pointed to the double standard in concern being due to Azealia Banks being a Black woman, thus the misogynoir tag. The rest of Banks’ Stories was her asserting she would finish her album and audio of her asking people not to DM her.

Peep more reactions to Azealia Banks’ alarming messages below.