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Lil B. Responds To Freddie Gibbs Comments

Lil B. may have to spend the rest of 2011 defending his I’m Gay album title.

In a recent interview with MTV, the Based God took a minute to respond to the criticism he has faced since announcing his album title during Coachella in April.

“When people actually meet me and see me, things change,” he said. “But I’m a man that’s spreading positive energy and that is what I am here for. I was young minded at one point and used to just judge quickly. There for I can understand people have their opinions. I might not understand something and might over look it with out even wanting to investigate it. I’m not mad people feel that way, because a lot of the haters made me what I am today.”

The Berkeley, California rapper also responded to rapper Freddie Gibbs, who had some heavy opinions towards Lil B.’s music during a recent show in New York.

“This ain’t no Lil B. Based God or no f*ggot a** Shyte like that up here,” Gibbs said.

“I have nothing to prove because, you know I’ve been through struggles and I want to be happy now, and I want to live a happy live,” Lil B. said in response to Gibbs. “I pick and choose what I wanna. It’s things you do and something’s you don’t do. These guys have their opinion. As an adult, how I want to live my life, I can take a step back and breathe, before I react to something. Some of the words they might have said that might have been the best, or whatever, but at the end of the day, rap is rap. Rap draws emotions. I have my opinion and they have theirs…some people just miss it.”

MTV also allowed Freddie Gibbs to clarify his previously comments, as the Gary, Indiana MC asserts that he was only voicing his opinion.

“I agree with him when he says I’m entitled to my opinion,” Gibbs said. “People are entitled to their opinion about my music. He expressed something that I’ve been trying to express to the rap community for a minute. Just because I comment on your music or comment on your subject matter don’t mean I’m going to come beat your A$$ when I see you. I don’t have no vendetta against Lil B. He’s a young black man doing what he gotta do to support himself and his family.”


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