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Remy Ma arrives at PrettyLittleThing x Saweetie during New York Fashion Week: The Shows held at The Plaza Hotel on September 8, 2019 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States.

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We’ve all seen the videos and news about anti-maskers refusing to wear face masks into public establishments and people actually throwing COVID parties in defiance of social distancing rules, but while most would expect this kind of behavior out of pro-Trumpers who believe every lie out of the Racist-In-Chief’s mouth, it’s a bit disturbing to see people in our community join in on such reckless behavior.

Remy Ma for one is fed up with people who refuse to rock a face mask and risk not only contracting but spreading the deadly virus and compared anti-maskers to “dirty” people who refuse to wear condoms during sex. We mean, yeah, we can understand that comparison. In an IG story posted last night (August 18), the “Lean Back” rapper made a PSA about any and everyone who walks around without a mask in crowded public places as if it was still 2019.

“Just know if I see you socializing in crowded places, closer than 6 ft and/or NOT wearing a mask I have assumed that you don’t wear condoms and you’re dirty,” she wrote with a shrug emoji before adding, “& that’s that on that.”

Sing it, sister!

Being that Remy’s currently expecting her second child with her “Black Love” partner-in-crime, Papoose, Ma’s not playing any games or taking any chances with people who thumb their nose at the Coronavirus and walk around as if we’re not living through a pandemic. Given that many people who have the virus show no symptoms and can in fact spread it through their breath, we can understand why she’s feeling the way she feels.

While many people refuse to wear a mask due to the political statement Donald Trump has ridiculously turned it into, others have bought into the conspiracy theories around the Coronavirus and doubt that it’s even real or as deadly as scientists say it can be. Former Republican presidential candidate Hermain Cain found out the hard way that following Donald Trump’s medical expertise comes with deadly consequences.

For anyone who wears condoms during sex, HipHopWired has compiled a list of the freshest face masks to rock during these trying times and for those that like to go raw dog like an Orange dictator does with porn stars, get your priorities straight. This isn’t about y’all, this is about everyone.