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Kanye West x Nick Cannon x Cannon's Corner

Source: Screenshot / Youtube

Kanye West has all intentions of continuing his presidential campaign despite the fact some outside observers believe he’s rigging the election for President Donald Trump. In a new interview, the Chicago producer and designer claims the Republican Party isn’t financially backing his campaign, then added the fact he’s richer than Trump.

Yeezy, speaking in that measured, media-trained tone that doesn’t sound like the Kanye of old, sat down with Nick Cannon and the host’s Cannon’s Class program on YouTube. In the first part of the chat, West gets immediately into the chatter that he’s dealing with mental demons but it’s clear from the interview that he’s lucid and aware enough to recognize what his journey looks like from the outside.

After a healthy defense of Taco Bell, the interview goes all over the place due to West’s need to get every last thought out and Cannon patiently allows the interview to flow openly despite several attempts to reel West in.

Around the 35:00-minute mark, the conversation shifts to the 2020 presidential race but the clarification of his comments about the Republican Party are apparently featured in an upcoming episode of Cannon’s Corner.

However, on Nick Cannon’s Instagram, the portion of the chat where he openly states that the GOP isn’t paying him and that he has more money than Trump is featured.

Check out part one of the Nick Cannon and Kanye West Cannon’s Corner chat below.