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Montauk Brewing Company

Source: @MontaukBrewCo / Instagram

As America becomes more divided, more tribal and more racist under the watch of the Divider-In-Chief, Donald “Treasonous” Trump, companies supporting either Black Lives Matter or Make America Great Again find themselves subjected to threats, boycotts, and violence depending on your social-political views or simply racist ideology.

Earlier this year the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other innocent Black men and women sparked Black Lives Matter protests all across the country and at the time Montauk Brewing Company stood in solidarity with the protestors by taking to their IG page and letting everyone know that they supported the movement with “all our hearts.”

Seems innocent and righteous enough, but now Gothamist is reporting that a new pro-police Facebook group has taken issue with the months old post and is calling for the boycott of the brewing company due to their support of Black Lives Matter.

Because you know, you can’t possibly support Black Lives Matter AND the police at the same time in Trump’s Amerikkka.

Formed by Suffolk County police officer, Robert Frank and his wife, Valeria Frank, Defund Montauk Brewing Company is aiming to punish the company for pledging their support to BLM and even wrote in their mission statement that Black Lives Matter is an “extemist organization.”

“This group is to bring awareness Due The recent events that montauk brewing company has decided to take and make a poor decision by supporting an extemist organization.”

Just more proof that some of the many requirements that should come with anyone wanting to be an officer of the law should be “Spelling” and maybe “Grammar.” If not for the police reports than at least for social media idiocy.

With over 30,000 members to date, Defund Montauk Brewing Company seems to be on a mission to amass the most racist and prejudice pro-police supporters by asking their would-be members to answer questions like “Do you support extremist radical organizations?” and “Do you believe ALL LIVES MATTER?” Kind of seems like coded talk for “Do you believe in White Christian Power?” But that’s just us. Just sayin.’

Needless to say, its members have some pretty extreme views themselves as they have no issue with showing their true-blue colors in Trump’s Amerikkka.

“By saying they support Black Lives Matter with all their hearts, they said they support violence and terrorism that the group represents, wrote Lynn Halverson. Too late to go back now. Everything you do and say has a consequence. As a business, they should have taken a stand for what is good and right.”

But they did, “Karen.” They did.

While these same people who consider Black Lives Matter an “terrorist organization” continue to ignore the fact that far-right hate groups have been responsible for all kinds of acts of violence and death in the name of white supremacy for decades, we all peep game and know this is just another hate group masquerading as a righteous “law and order” community who fear people of color taking a stand for their human rights.

Montauk Brewing Company’s founders Vaughan Cutill and Eric Moss meanwhile can’t seem to understand why the sudden backlash as all they wanted to do was support equal rights for the Black Community. Talking to Patch, Cutillo admitted “To be quite honest, in the last two days, this came out of nowhere,” he said. “I don’t know how or why this came about. As a company, our goals has always been to give people good vibes, no matter who they are. ‘Come as you are,’ has always been our message of inclusivity.”

Well, racists don’t like people of color being included in anything they’re privileged to, do they? So whenever you call for “inclusivity” in society you can expect push-back from those who feel their superior to others based on race, religion or creed. Especially when the Racist-In-Chief tells you that it’s okay to do so.