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Tekashi 6ix9ine

Source: @6ix9ine / Instagram

Whether it’s the bodyguards, a false sense of security or he just simply has a death wish, Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s been (t)rolling out here like heads aren’t ready to perm his rainbow colored for dropping dime on half of Brooklyn.

Ever since getting an early release from prison due to COVID concerns, Hip-Hop’s most infamous snitch has been seen all over New York City enjoying his government-protected life much to the dismay of real heads out in these streets.

Now The Blast is reporting that the Tattle Tales rapper has been spotted shopping for a new multi-million residence in Upstate New York while accompanied by a team of security to make sure no harm comes to the government’s star informant.

Without posting an exact location, the report states that the most hated kid in the rap game was spotted in front of a mansion that’s for sale in New York and someone who spotted him shopping around for a new home posted pictures on Facebook and stated they welcomed “diversity” to their quiet neighborhood. Other commenters on the other hand weren’t so quick to roll out the welcome mat and questioned what Tekashi’s possible presence in their area would bring should he move in.

“I wonder how (the city) is going to like the people he’s involved with? He just snitched on a bunch of gang bangers, I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful addition,” one nearby resident wrote.

Unless it’s a gated and heavily guarded community, they can expect to get familiar with gang signs, colors, and calls in the middle of the night.

As for the $3 million dollar property itself, it’s an enormous 13,000 square foot property that comes with 15 bedrooms, a floating double bridal staircase (like the one Tony Montana was killed on in Scarface) and an all-important underground tunnel that we feel will surely come in handy given Tekashi’s green light status.

We just wonder how long Tekashi will be able to maintain his current level of heavily armed security given that his latest album flopped something serious and he’s spending money like it’s water at the moment. His team isn’t planning on risking their lives for his for chicken feed, much less for free should the time come when he goes completely broke. Just sayin.’

Photo: R1 Digital