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While Kanye West and Tekashi 6ix9ine continue to show their unwavering support for Donald Trump and his racially divisive MAGA agenda, DaBaby peeps game and wants absolutely nothing to do with the orange white supremacist who seems to be doing everything in his power to start a new civil war to ensure he stays in power.

A few days ago,  the Blame It on Baby rapper took to Instagram to post a picture of a spam text from the Trump campaign which was soliciting donations for the former business mogul’s 2020 campaign to which DaBaby simply responded, “F*CK YALL.”

Mic. Dropped.

Needless to say, the next message from the campaign was informing Baby that he’d been unsubscribed from any more messages. We figure someone got the message. Still, the Charlotte, N.C. rapper had to ask “Who gave bruh nem my number?”

We’re just gonna go out on a limb on blame it on Yeezus. Why not? DaBaby did throw his support behind Kanye’s presidential bid not too long ago and given Kanye’s determination to help Cheeto Jesus stay in the White House, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he’d slip the Trump administration DaBaby’s math. Just sayin.’

We just glad to see DaBaby has enough sense to not support all things Kanye, such as the MAGA movement.

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