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Sony Apologizes For PS5 Pre-Order Mess, Promises More Consoles Are Coming

Source: Sony / PlayStation

Many gamers were BIG MAD (including this writer) because they couldn’t secure a PS5. Sony is taking full responsibility and apologizing.

Following Sony’s epic reveal (Sept.16) of the PS5’s price, release date, and games we can look forward to playing on the next-generation console, the company announced that pre-order’s would begin the following day (Sept.17). Too bad retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop didn’t get that message deciding to drop pre-order links, surprising gamers everywhere. Amazon decided to wait a bit later before it opened up its site to pre-orders and technically did wait till the 17th dropping its link at the stroke of midnight.

The surprise drop, which Sony did promise would not be the case, sparked mass hysteria online as video game enthusiasts scrambled to pre-order either the $499 base console or the $399 digital edition of the PS5. As you can imagine, both sold out quicker than a pair of ugly ass YEEZY sneakers. Even the ridiculously bundles that GameStop was offer flew off the digital shelves.

Securing a pre-order also wasn’t a guarantee with Amazon telling customers not to expect their PS5s to be delivered on time, according to Gizmodo. Digital Trends reported that a spokesperson for Walmart announced that chains “has decided not to proceed with the planned store pre-order to control store traffic and keep our customers safe and socially distanced.”

Gamers quickly called out Sony, while others shifted the blame onto retailers for jumping the gun so early and not giving customers a heads up. Regardless, Sony is stepping up to the plate and is acknowledging that it effed up big time and is saying our bad when it comes to the whole pre-order situation. The company dropped its apology on the official PlayStation Twitter account, stating the process “could have been a lot smoother.” Sony also promised that more console will become available “over the next few days.”

This news comes on the heels of Microsoft’s more coordinated pre-order launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S starting September 22nd, with stores promising not to jump the gun and honor the 11 am eastern start time. BUT that doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be any hiccups either.

Microsoft also made a major announcement on Monday 9Sept.21) that it pulled up the brinks truck and dropped $7.5 billion for Bethesda Studios, which now make its major titles like Doom, Fallout, Prey, and more launch titles on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

If there is any silver lining Sony can take out of this situation, the company saw first hand that despite a pandemic, the demand for the PS5 is exceptionally high, so it would be in its best interest to get consoles into the hands of those that one as soon as possible.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation