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Dr. Dre‘s divorce lawyers are getting some nice holiday gifts. A judge has nixed Nicole Young’s request that the Compton producer pay her $1.5M for expenses that include security.

Apparently, Nicole Young has been receiving death threats (which absolutely no one should condone). The news about Dre not having to pay up (for now, since his estranged wife is still seeking $5M) came yesterday (Oct. 1).

Reports TMZ:

Nicole’s lawyers were in court this morning, telling the judge Nicole needs the $1.5 million for security because she’s been receiving death threats. The money would also go for other expenses. Some of the people commenting on the divorce have said things like, “If she dies, she dies,” and “For a small fee she can disappear.”

The judge rejected her claim, in part because she got rid of her security team that Dre was paying for. She claimed Dre was too controlling and wanted to hire security on her own. She claimed Dre threatened to fire the security if they didn’t follow his orders. The judge rejected her request, and Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, told the judge Dre is still willing to pay all of Nicole’s expenses pending the divorce, including security. The judge ordered that Nicole could select a private security company for her personal protection, but it can’t cost more than Dre was paying.

That wasn’t the end of the bad news for Nicole Young. Her lawyers wanted the hearing about Dre paying her attorney fees moved up from January 2021 to this month.

The judge basically said, “Nah,” and reportedly told her if Dr. Dre is as controlling as she says, she can always get a restraining order.