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That’s one hell of an opening bid. Dr. Dre’s estranged and soon to be ex-wife, Nicole Young, is seeking $2M a month in temporary spousal support.

That number itself is already crazy even if Dr. Dre is a billionaire. But it’s the breakdown of those monthly expenses that really has Twitter reacting and questioning her receipts.

In case you missed, Young filed for divorce a couple of months ago. Although there is reportedly a prenuptial agreement, she still wants more coins, and a lot of them.

According to TMZ, she is seeking $1,936,399 monthly in temporary spousal support a long with a cool $5 million in lawyer fees. Per the extended breakdown, Young claims she needs $135,000 for clothes, $125,000 for charitable contributions and even $20,000 a month for e-mail, telephone and cable—MONTHLY.

Talk about a markup. And is this all for herself or a small municipality? Dre is looking like a genius if that prenup holds up.

Young is also claiming that Dr. Dre was violent before (he does have a history there) and during their marriage. But at this moment, Dre is reportedly holding down all her “expenses” that include their Malibu house she is currently living in as well as personal chefs and security.

Things are getting ugly with Dre reportedly angered at her wanting to dig into his finances and her claims of abuse. Now there is plenty of nuance here that can’t be dismissed. One question at had is was Jeff Bezos’ wife, who was instrumental in Amazon’s rise, get the type of slander Nicole is receiving when she decided to split? However, ain’t nobody claiming Nicole Young was getting busy on a beat machine or putting together headphones. But she was married to the guy for over 20 years.

And of course, Twitter is offering up all types of he said she said hot takes.



1. 50 Cent is flabbergasted.

2. That’s IS a lot of calls and data bruh.