Kid Cudi will lend support to a benefit concert in support of HIV/AIDS awareness this weekend in New York. On Saturday, the rapper will take to the stage alongside DJ Clinton Sparks and Phoenix as part of a benefit concert for LIFEbeat, The Music Industry Fights AIDS.

Appearing on the show It’s On with Alexa Chung, Cudi provided commentary on the premise of the concert and the fact that sometimes the world must be shaken in order for it to see troubles that are right in front of its face.

“The main thing about these shows and charities is that it gives people a chance to be aware of what’s going on in the world.  I think people forget and it’s good to remind people in a way and kind of attract them with the show and get people on it.”

All proceeds benefit LIFEbeat. For more information visit

The rapper from Cleveland also elaborated on his mentality when he made the statement that he was going to retire from the rap game, even before he has even released his first album.

“I feel like when you’re adjusting to this business, it’s really tough and a lot of people don’t understand that.  I was going through a moment where my personal life wasn’t how I wanted it, but as an artist it was.”

With his debut Man on the Moon: The End of Day just around the corner, being released on September 15, Cudi has already spoken on his next project which will be a collaboration album entitled Cudder. The album has already leaked, according to Cudi, but he has accepted the fact that it is inevitable and has promised that the music will make listeners go out to buy the album.

The “Day-N-Nite” hit maker may have more to look forward to as September 13 will be the date for the 26th Annual MTV Video Music Awards where Cudi has been nominated for Best New Artist.

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