In a recent interview with MTV, Nas admits he has given up on ever getting “Lost Tapes 2” out.

Nas fans anxiously awaiting Lost Tapes 2 may be disappointed, as it appears that the compilation sequel will not see the light of day.

“When I released Lost Tapes, it was on Sony,” explained Nas to MTV News. “Being at Sony for so long, I was used to things going easy. Kinda easy. At Def Jam, I just got there, I’m still in my ways at Sony. I’m like, ‘yeah, this record’ll come out this time, a few months later I’ma drop this.’ But we just started working together, so they’re like, ‘We can do this, but wait, maybe we should do it like this,’ and I wasn’t used to that. And then there was no communication at all, and I wasn’t used to that.”

Nas continued the comparison between labels,

“With Sony, I wasn’t used to a lot of communication, it was just, we understood what we were doing…Def Jam, it was more, ‘Let’s sit down, let’s have tea and talk this over.’ I wasn’t so used to that, and I saw kinda things falling behind. It kinda messed up my flow, I thought. The timing for that is gone.”

Nasty Nas also added  that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with his last album, Untitled.

“I could pick a song, or two, or three, that I coulda did without. And there were songs that I left off that I shoulda put on. We all go through that.”

Peep the interview below to hear Nas speak on the tapes.

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