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Snoop Dogg Plans ‘X-Factor’ Style Hip-Hop Competition Show

Snoop Dogg was banned from entering the UK following a brawl between his entourage and security at Heathrow airport in 2006, but since the ban has been lifted he’s enjoying his time in England.

In fact, the 39-year-old rap vet held a press conference in a London strip club announcing his plans to launch a new “X Factor” or “American Idol”-style talent show that he says would go “straight to the hood.”

“I want to find that raw untamed talent that hasn’t been dressed up all nice for the TV. Any TV companies want to help me, then they know where I am,” Snoop said.

Snoop also made mention that he wants to open a chain of supermarkets called “Snoopermarkets.”

Earlier this week, the D-O Double G performed in Brighton as part of his promotional tour for his LP, Doggumentary. Take a look at some flicks from his trip to London.

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