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Ice Cube In Portland

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Ice Cube has fallen somewhat out of favor with many after the news he met with members of President Donald Trump’s administration to discuss his Contract With Black America policy plan. While the veteran rapper and actor didn’t flat out endorse either candidate, he explained more behind his reasoning for conducting the chat.

The artist born O’Shea Jackson was a guest on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace for the show’s “Power Player segment. During the chat Cube, 51, stuck to the same talking points he’s shared via social media while also making it clear that he isn’t siding with either candidate. Instead, Cube’s hope is to put his plan in view of whoever will be in the White House after Nov. 3 in hopes of advancing his plan to close the opportunity gap.

Wallace shared in his reporting some already known facts that Cube presented the CWBA to both candidates but the team for Joe Biden elected to speak until after the election, citing that they wouldn’t be able to advance the ideas without knowing the results and will of the people. However, Cube reportedly sat down for three hours with Jared Kushner, diving into the finer points of the CWBA but that side didn’t exactly endorse it either.

As Cube noted, the Trump administration went with promoting the so-called “Platinum Plan,” a proposed $500 billion investment intended for Black Americans. While the Trump campaign has enjoyed some ringing, if ham-handed, endorsements from the likes of Lil Pump and a seemingly trolling 50 Cent, Cube was clear that he’s not a chess piece in this upcoming election.

“That’s their opinion. They obviously don’t know the facts, or won’t accept the facts. I told everybody that I’m not playing politics with this,” Cube said to Wallace’s comments that people are referring to him as a sellout. “I’m willing to meet with anybody who could bring this to life and make it a reality.”

Watch the interview below.

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