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Source: JIM WATSON / Getty

Joe Biden is stacking votes and W’s. On early Friday morning (Nov. 6), the former Vice President moved ahead in votes in both Georgia and Pennsylvania after being basically down since Election Day on Tuesday.

At the time of this post, Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris are ahead in Pennsylvania by 5,587 according to the New York Times. The votes that put him ahead were from Philadelphia ballots. In Georgia, the Biden and Harris ticket is ahead by 1,097 votes. The county that finally put Biden ahead in GA came from Clayton County aka College Park, which sits to the south of Atlanta.

The reason for Biden’s leads are squarely thanks to high voter turnout from Democrats and specifically to Black people as the ballots in his favor came from predominantly Black counties in both aforementioned states. And even more pointedly, give Stacey Abrams all her flowers. After being cheated out of becoming the governor of Georgia, she dedicated herself to fighting voter suppression.

Also, let’s not ever forget the late, great John Lewis.

Pennsylvania comes with 20 electoral votes while Georgia provides 16. If Biden keeps his lead in the latter, he will have a total of 273 electoral votes, making it impossible for Donald Trump to win. Reportedly, the remaining ballots to be counted in PA are mostly absentee ballots, which have been skewing heavily for Biden.

We may not know the outcome of the 2020 election yet, but it’s inevitable.