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It’s no secret that Black women have been showing up and showing out in the political sphere, but no one has answered the call better than Stacey Abrams and after single-handedly helping to flip Georgia blue, it appears she’s ready to put her hat back in the Governor’s race.

According to published reports, after her devastating and unfair loss to Republican Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams is rumored to be eyeing the race again for the upcoming 2022 race.

“Stacey Abrams intends to run for governor again,” Wendy Davis, a Democratic National Committee member who is on the executive committee of the Georgia Democratic Party, told the Daily Beast. “I think that is a secret to no one.”

Due to the loss being announced amid accusations of voter suppression as Black voters were previously purged from the rolls, Abrams never conceded; but now it is being said that she is set to try once more as Davis reveals that Abrams is a shoo-in as the frontrunner.

“Everyone in Democratic circles has the expectation that she will be the Democratic nominee in two years for governor,” she said.

DuBose Porter, the former Georgia Democratic Party chairman, added to the chorus of those who believe that Abrams’ ascension as governor is merely an unspoken certainty.

“In my opinion, she would like to be governor of Georgia,” Porter said. “Stacey Abrams is about getting the work done.”

While Democrats are positioning Abrams for the race, a spokesperson for Abrams demurred when asked for comment and insisted her focus was the upcoming Georgia runoff. The outcome will determine whether Democrats or Republicans will be in control of the Senate in a Biden administration.

“Leader Abrams has made no decisions about her political future and is solely focused on electing Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on Jan. 5,” a spokesperson said.

During an interview with The View Abrams weighed in on what’s next for political aspirations, she seemingly echoed the statement issued by her spokesperson, noting that she has temporarily placed her aspirations to the side for a singular state focus.

“I am interested in making certain that Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have a place to lead by working with senators to help Joe Biden,” Abrams said during the interview. “One of the ways we were able to flip Georgia was because I have been working on it for ten years. I know the work we did across this country through Fair Fight 2020 made certain we had enough states that flipped back that we could work together to make certain Joe Biden became president, and now I’m focused on getting the last piece across the finish line, and that is the U.S. Senate race on January 5th in Georgia.”

Catch Stacey Abrams full interview with The View below.


Georgia, don’t forget to vote on January 5th!