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Georgia Senate

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Stacey Abrams lost the gubernatorial race to President Donald Trump stan Gov. Brian Kemp who went on to win under some questionable circumstances. However, Abrams continued to do the work in her home state and is largely credited with potentially flipping Georgia from red to blue.

With votes still being counted in Georgia, Biden took a very slight lead in the results with 99 percent of the votes tallied in the state. Much of that is due in part to Abrams and other Democratic Party operatives hoping to secure the state for presidential hopeful Joe Biden, who is holding on to a significant electoral college lead as of this moment.

Motivated by the voter suppression that plagued her 2018 campaign against Kemp and a decade-long organizing effort, supporters and onlookers alike are joined in recognizing the organizing the vote in Georgia and helping push aside barriers disenfranchised voters in the state faced.

Taking to Twitter, Abrams took none of the praise for herself and instead thanked a number of individuals and groups who she worked alongside in support of voting rights across the state, most especially in regions where suppression was reported.

She added in the above tweet thread, “Georgia, let’s shout out those who’ve been in the trenches and deserve the plaudits for change.”

On Wednesday (Nov. ), just as the official election results were pouring in nationwide, Abrams wrote the following in a tweet:

Here’s where we are:

1. Local elections officials are taking the time necessary to make sure every eligible vote is counted.
2. Trump is losing and trying to crown himself the winner.
3. Voters choose the future. We fought for fairer elections and it’s working.

It appears to indeed be working splendidly.

Check out the reactions from Twitter to Stacey Abrams and the collective efforts of Georgians to secure and fair and just vote.

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