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For the usual artist, an upcoming album gives the green light to have their face in all types of news in order for them to promote the upcoming project. Rapper N.O.R.E, however, has taken another approach as it pertains to his release for Tuesday.

“Do not buy that album coming out on Tuesday,” N.O.R.E. said at SOBE Live. “Fawk that Shyte! That’s not my real album, Fawk that. That’s not it, I’ll announce it on the Internet or let people know, but that’s not it.”

Clearly, there must be some miscommunication going on somewhere in his camp. The album is supposed to be released through his Thugged Out Militainment so the statement has only raised a number of questions.

Speaking with 57th Ave, the rapper expressed his issue with his latest and the problem that has come due to the lack of support from record labels.

“But the worst feeling in the world is when you make a hit record that you know is a hit and nobody hears it or you drop an album nobody knows it’s out!!! There’s nothing worst in the world then going through that!!!! I just made the dopeest album of my career!!! And I’m honestly scared to let it out!!! Why now should I do so? I need the belief in a record label that I just don’t have right now!!!”

Titled, S.O.R.E. for Still On the Run Eating, this project would be the rappers returns as a solo artist since 2007s Noreality. He had linked back up with his partner in rhyme, Capone, in March to release Channel 10. The album would be the return of the group CNN which hadn’t released a project together in nine years.

Rumors have been floating that both Capone and NORE have spoken of an upcoming album similar to The War Report, titled Report the War, where they would reverse each individual track, such as “Money Bloody” opposed to “Bloody Money.” It is speculated this album will be released sometime after both their new solo albums are released.