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Angela And Vanessa Simmons Cover Rolling Out

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the latest cover story for an issue of Rolling  Out magazine and in it, dish on a number of topics including their love life, misconceptions from reality TV and their $70 million Pastry Shoe business.

Just last week the ladies further expanded Pastry by launching a ‘Barbie So In Style’ collection with Mattel featuring a line of dolls decked out in Pastry gear.

Speaking on their lucrative business, the Simmons say they’ve learned their business savvy from their dad Reverend Run and Uncle Russell Simmons.

“Angela: They lead by example. We sit back and watch what they do. Overall, they teach us how to make smart business decisions. I’m only 23 and I’m still learning. It’s impossible to know everything there is within the next couple of years. I just watch them. My uncle is such a stern businessman and I want to be just like that.

Vanessa: Growing up around them, you take notes. We’re really still learning. The company started with four shoes and now it’s a $70 million company. If there is a big decision, I call my dad or uncle for advice.”

The ladies also spoke on misconceptions people received from their “Run’s House” reality show. According to Vanessa, at one point things got a little too intense and she was forced to shut down her Twitter account and shy away from the public eye. “

“Vanessa: I enjoyed doing the show because I got to work with my family and just goof off in front of the camera. But there are so many people in your life and that’s kind of scary. After we finished taping “Daddy’s Girls,” I had to go into my little shell. I had to renew myself. People were judging me on things that normal people do. I had to take time for myself. I deleted my Twitter and I don’t go out as much. I’m just like everyone else; the only difference is that I’m under a microscope.”


Check out more of these business mogul beauties below courtesy of Rolling Out.

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