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SoundCloud Is Now Verify Popular Artist Pages With A Blue Check

Source: MARTIN BUREAU / Getty

When you stop by your favorite artist’s SoundCloud page, you will now notice a blue check next to their profile image.

In a blog post, SoundCloud announced that it decided to go the blue check route to help users easily identify if the creator is legit or not. “We’re doing this to help well-known artists stand out and maintain their authenticity and to help listeners identify these artists more easily,” the company stated.

SoundCloud shared the criteria you will have to meet to have your page verified, and it’s very clear. An artist applying for verification would have to be frequently searched for or a well-known DJ, musician, podcaster, curator, or collective to qualify for a blue check. Their profiles also cannot contain any misleading information and must have at least one track uploaded on their page. Soundcloud also notes that verifications under review can take up to 30 days to be completed. Artists  Billie Eilish and Wiz Khalifa have already been blessed with their blue checks.

The new verification is a much-needed remedy to help deal with the issues that plagued its Pro star badges that were a part of its $12 a month subscription plan. SoundCloud has admitted that Pro star badges have been misused or confused for verification. You will still see the badges on pages, but Soundcloud notes that no page will have a Pro star badge and blue checkmark at the same time.

So don’t even think about it, struggle SoundCloud rappers.

Photo: MARTIN BUREAU / Getty