These “SoundCloud rapper’s” dreams have come true thanks to the 2K Beats The Search Contest, which will now see their tracks live in NBA 2K22.

When you stop by your favorite artist's SoundCloud page, you will now notice a blue check next to their profile image.

Whether you know it or not. there is someone shaping the visuals for the “Soundcloud Era”. His name is Cole Bennett and his brand is flourishing.

Gaining access to SoundCloud’s massive music catalog just got easier for users of the popular music streaming service thanks to its latest feature.

Soundcloud is many things to people —a space where up and coming artists can build an audience, and also a wasteland of drug-addled struggle “rappers” who barely make the grade. News that the cash-strapped music streaming platform was on its way out hit the news cycle, but signs are pointing to the fact that indie […]

Call it the “Chance effect.” Starting in 2018, music released on Soundcloud will be eligible to win Grammy awards.

SoundCloud is looking to stick around for a while (remember Napster (wait), RealPlayer…MySpace?). The music streaming service is getting a $70M investment from Twitter.