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Ann Marie Mugshot

Source: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office / Fulton County Sheriff’s

Ann Marie, a singer out of Chicago who has amassed a respectable following as an artist, is currently experiencing her career being derailed after her arrest in Atlanta at the top of the month. Details are emerging regarding the shooting incident in a Buckhead hotel that left one man seriously wounded and Ann Marie arrested, but the singer’s alleged actual boyfriend Calboy posted a cryptic tweet suggesting there is something afoot.

Ann Marie, real name Joann Slater, was arrested and facing charges of possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the few details that have been released, Slater told police that she and the now-named shooting victim, 24-year-old Jonathan Wright, were visiting Atlanta from Chicago.

But as it was speculated on Monday (Dec. 7), Calboy was said to be connected to Ann Marie romantically and the pair have also recorded music together. Calboy also reportedly had a tattoo of Ann Marie on his person but that has been difficult to confirm online.

On Monday, Calboy posted a broken heart emoji and a dying rose, which some feel is an indication that he was hurt by the news of Ann Marie’s arrest and the still-developing details surrounding the matter. Initially, outlets reported that Slater shot Wright after discovering he was texting other women from inside the hotel’s bathroom and was shot after he emerged.

Wright’s friend, Theodore Bagwell, had some choice words for Ann Marie fans who praised her for shooting an alleged cheater and reacted to news reports regarding her pending charges.

Photo: Fulton County Jail