Curren$y Talks Weekend At Bernies Album

Despite signing with Warner Bros. Records earlier this year, New Orleans rapper Curren$y hasn’t slowed down his indie pace.

The rapper also know as Spitta, released a mixtape, Covert Coup, in April, but plans to release a new album, Weekend at Bernies, in June.

“The ‘Weekend at Bernies’ Shyte is done,” Curren$y told “I’m dropping that on June 28th, so all that is really done, we just got all the mixes from all that and we got a video we gonna shoot when I get to New York, because I got an off day, so I want to try to shoot a video when I’m out there.”

Curren$y continued to speak on the album saying, “We did it in like a week and we just locked it in and got some Shyte done you know? We did it all in about a week in Miami, and same way I did the Shyte with the Alchemist.”

“You gotta appreciate who Bernie Lomack was before he was killed. You know what I’m saying? The movie is about his posthumous adventures, but like he was the man way before he got hated on you know?” Curren$y joked about the movie his upcoming album is named after.

“Bernie Lomack he had the beach house, he had the golf cart that was like a Porsche, all the chicks dug him, he threw the dopest parties, everyone loved him and even when he was dead people thought he was alive,” Curren$y added. “They were just like, ‘Its Bernie, he’s just always smacked.’ Dude was a party man as well as a business man. You gotta appreciate a dude with that party reputation that is working that hard.”

In addition to his new album, the leader of the Jets touched on his current Jets Life Tour, saying, “I’m pretty good right now. It’s cool because we all connected and that’s why I kick it so hard with people who come to the shows. Fans, it’s just a word, but I don’t really like that. It’s just people that Fawk with what you do. They smoking just as good a weed as I do. But at the same time with everything that I’ve been through in the game. I don’t want to say its vindicating or anything but its like wheew!”

“It’s like a relief because I’m happy for the people that ride with me. I’m not so much caught up in trying to gain so many of the fly by night fans,” Curren$y said.

“The new fans wont really stick around. The people that been with me forever its like, I’m happy for them because all of us are enjoying this s**t and everyone is genuinely happy for me you know what I’m saying and they always felt like I deserved a different look and a better look.”

Look for Weekend at Bernie’s due out on June 28th.

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