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Amongst the many things that Dame Dash has been having to deal with over the years, diabetes is one thing millions of people can relate to as tens of thousands of people die from the disease on a yearly basis.

Couple that with the COVID-19 pandemic that’s absolutely devastating the Black community, Dame knows how precious life can be and isn’t taking any chances with his health. Though many have reservations about taking the new COVID-19 vaccine, Dash for one plans on getting his as soon as the option is available. In an interview with El Grio, Dame reveals that he’s been battling diabetes since the tender age of 15-years-old and explains that much of his diet is dedicated to controlling his blood sugar levels to keep his health in check.

Aside from using meds and avoiding meat to keep himself as healthy as can be, Dame also revealed he also steams on the regular to get toxins out of his body. Now that the Coronavirus has presented a new danger to himself and the people that he loves, Dame feels it’s his responsibility to take the vaccine in order to keep himself, his wife, and his newborn baby as safe as can be.

“You know, I don’t trust anything, but I will take that vaccine,” Dash says. “I don’t want to be like, in the hospital saying, I should have took that vaccine. And a lot of people depend on me.” 

Still, he understands the skepticism that the Black community has when it comes to government backed medicine, especially at a time when it seems like we “have to” take it in order to get back to our old ways of life.

“I’m quite sure a lot of sh*t doesn’t really work for us as Black people culturally, or just as human beings that are meant to be controlled by another social class. But, I’m a guy that takes insulin that’s manufactured. And by default, I’m actually dependent on things that I can’t control.” 

Anti-vaxxers are going to come for Dame Dash on social media. Watch.

What do y’all think? Is Dame right for taking the vaccine? Will any of y’all take it once it becomes available to the public? Let us know in the comments section.