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VH1 Drops Megan Thee Stallion's 'Love & Hip Hop Audtion Tape

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Megan Thee Stallion on Love & Hip Hop?  It actually could have been a thing.

Love & Hip Hop is slowly making its way back to television, but for now, we have to settle for a special called Love & Hip Hop Unlocked that claimed it was going to reveal secrets behind our favorite ratchet television moments. While we are still waiting to see those “secrets,” we did see some never before footage in the form of an audition tape.

Social media personality and Love & Hip Hop commentator Kendall Kyndall unlocked the Love & Hip Hip vault revealing that the leader of the hotties, Megan Thee Stallion auditioned to be on the popular VH1 reality television show. In the tape, a young Megan Pete made her case as to why she should be a cast member.

Per Hot New Hip-Hop:

“It’s Megan Thee Stallion AKA young Tina Snow AKA H-Town Hottie, and I’m from Houston, Texas, and I’m just the best female rapper that’s poppin’ off right now. And on top of that, I’m a full-time college student.” Megan mentioned her late mother’s rapping past and recalled telling her mother at 18 that she wanted to become an artist.”

“Megan is gonna become a household name. When you’re talkin’ about those poppin’ rappers, I’m going to be in that conversation.”

VH1 ultimately decided to go in a different direction, which worked out for Thee Stallion in the end. She released her debut album Good News back in November and reached no.2 on the Billboard 200. She has won numerous awards, landed multiple magazine covers as well as endorsement deals. We can’t front, the Tory Lanez drama would have been good television, BUT, It’s safe to say she did quite fine without having to be on Love & Hip Hop.

Another interesting “secret” we learned about was Love & Hip-Hop creator Mona Scott-Young was actually a dancer in Snow’s “Informer” video.

LOL, who knew?

You can watch Megan Thee Stallion’s audition tape below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz