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D'usse Party At Rich's Hosted By Jay-Z

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Funkmaster Flex is talking spicy regardless of how anyone feels. His latest rants puts Jay-Z back on the plate for internet trolls to feed on.

As spotted on HipHopDX the DJ made an appearance on the Million Dollars Worth Of Game podcast. While he was unable to join Gillie The Kid and Wallo in person that did not stop the Bronx native from talking spicy. During the conversation the trio discussed some of New York City’s greatest Rap talents. Naturally Jay-Z’s name came up and poured all types of salt on his name when it comes to his lack of presence on Instagram.

“You know why he can’t be on social media?” he asked rhetorically. “Because he’s the most sensitive muthaf***er on the planet and he can’t take n***as in his comments telling him the truth. He can’t take it. He can’t open up social media. You know what Jay does? He watches social media from a fake page. I’m giving you the truth.”

He would go on to claim that Drake is a better rapper than Jay-Z. “You know if those reference tracks would’ve never happened, Drake would be my favorite rapper of all time,” he explained. “He would’ve surpassed Jay-Z in my book — if it wasn’t for the reference tracks. If those reference tracks did not come out, Drake was the number one rapper of all time! Do not get it f***ed up!”

You can view the exchange, which starts at the 17 minute mark, below. Jay-Z has yet to respond to the allegations.