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Brian Williams has jokes. Last night (Jan. 29), the MSNBC anchor and host of The 11th Hour “accidentally” shared a clip from Jerry Maguire the 1996 film starring Tom Cruise instead of a meeting between politicians.

Keep in mind that Williams and his guests, the always on point comedian and activist Baratunde Thurston and conservative Bill Kristol, were discussing the visit House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy paid that day to twice impeached ex-President Donald Trump in Florida. Williams set the clip up by saying he about to share “what I’m told is the first exclusive video out of this meeting today between McCarthy and Trump. We’ll watch it and react on the other side.”

However, the clip in question was a scene from Jerry Maguire. Specifically, Tom Cruise’s character professing his love for his wife Dorothy, portrayed by Renée Zellweger—the “you complete me” and “you had me at hello” scene. You gotta admit, the correlation with McCarthy stressing his butt-kissing love of all things Cheeto is quite accurate, no?

“That is, uhh…obviously, we have rolled the wrong clip,” said Williams in all earnestness as his guests were laughing. “We were sold a bill of goods here. I thought this was going to be of the McCarthy and Trump meeting and someone’s gonna be, of course, in big trouble.”

Sure Brian, sure. Naturally, Twitter is still eating up the moment.

But, let’s not forget when Mr. Williams copped to lying about being ambushed in Iraq and found himself on the wrong side of social media back in 2015.