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Coca-Cola Shares New Commercial Soundtracked By Tyler, the Creator

Source: Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment / Getty

Ever wondered what a Coca-Cola commercial soundtracked by Tyler, the Creator would sound like? The beverage company has quenched your curiosity.

Coca-Cola released a new ad that features the IGOR crafter’s music touch on it. The rapper joyfully shared the 2-minute and some change ad on his Twitter account, saying, “I provided Coca-Cola with all the sounds for this =),” on Sunday (Feb.21).

In the video, people get their dancing legs after taking the first refreshing sip of Coca-Cola. Dancing breaks out at the dinner table, the corner store, watching a soccer game on a roof, gaming lab, and even in the bedroom after that twist of the cap and the first gulp of the iconic beverage. While all of this is going on, Tyler can be heard on the upbeat background track saying, “Sip, sip, sip, sip, sip,” and “Tell me how it tastes, yeah, good, good, good.”

Clearly proud of the accomplishment, Tyler, the Creator, shared some insight about making the song, tweeting “drums are fucking hard the low end is shaking,” and revealing to fans, “thats me playing the flute at the beginning.”

In one more tweet, the Odd Future original member thanked Coca-Cola and revealed that he wasn’t so sure about doing the ad at first but, in the end, decided to do it.

“mannnn thanks coca cola for reallll big love for the opportunity i was like ehh idk but then i fucking ran with it. commercials need sounds like this, thanksssss.”

It looks like Tyler, the Creator may have found another lane to capitalize from. You can watch the entire ad below.

Photo: Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment / Getty