As opinions continue to flood the gates on Kanye West’s “drunken” rampage during the MTV VMAs on Sunday, it is clear that the rapper has shot himself in the foot. The latest entry in the ‘Kanye is a jackass’ campaign comes from rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Speaking with Much Music, the rapper made sure to put his two cents into the pot and weigh in on what happened with Swift and West.

“When you’re nominated for the first time, what you saw from me in 2004 was The Grammy’s. When I went up, Evanescence won Best New Artist and it was like, I sold 12 million records. That’s the largest debuting hip-hop album today and I was overlooked and I still don’t have a Grammy. It’s been 13 nominations. It’s because I wrote the harsh realities, I’ve been overlooked, completely. So when you got an artist there for the first time and you go and you wanna tell them, well, you know, Beyonce is great. There’s nobody that’s confused in that actual area. But Taylor Swift is great and is new at that point and you can’t replace it. Even an apology can’t replace what it feels like for the very first time receiving that award. Now in her head, ‘My first award was Kanye West.’ And it’s damaging, I wish he would come take one of my awards so I can black his eye and in front of everybody…”

50 made reference to his own stint back in 04 when he lost the Grammy for Best New Artist. Although he went on the stage with Evanescence, he kept a muzzle on his mouth as he walked off.

The two rappers bumped heads once before back in 2007, but it was clearly all in good fun. During promotion for Curtis and Graduation, Jackson felt it was the opportune time to enact his marketing skills by throwing jabs at West to further promote himself before his release dropped.

Usually Jackson is known for enticing hostility and beef in his own realm, but this moment serves as a moment of clarity for fans to see that the rapper knows the balance of what is right and what it wrong. Although he may have pulled people into battles that they may have not wanted, he has always kept it on wax and although threats have come and gone, they have only been words at the end of the day. For the case of West, he made a public spectacle of Swift who seems to innocent and young to fully register the wrath that is Kanye. Whether he was right or wrong, it is never what a person says, but how they choose to say it.

The rapper from Jamaica, Queens is in the process of getting his ThisIs50 Fest underway, which will happen on October 3 at Governor’s Island. So far, expected acts include D-Block, Cory Gunz, Uncle Murda, Maino and others that will cover the New York scope. Outside of the breeding grounds, Fif has also recruited Kid Cudi, Wale and Mike Posner. Anticipation has risen for the event as it is now being deemed the new Summer Jam.

This time around it feels as though Jackson has made a transition from the competitive and aggressive artist that first came out in 2003. Although most thought he was unwilling to share with other artists from his state, it is clear that he only wants what he knows Hip-Hop fans need.

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