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Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa Fired Over Controversial Blog Post

A psychologist has been fired from his blogger post at Psychology Today and had his profile page deleted by the company’s website after posting a “study” blog stating “Why All Black Women Are Less Attractive.”

Satoshi Kanazawa, also employed by the London School of Economics, recent posting of an unfounded blog stating, “black women are rated less attractive than other women,” received disdain from hoards of angry people, not just black women.

Psychology Today reportedly received 75,000 email, Twitter and FaceBook messages in protest of Kanazawa’s blog.

As a result of the backlash, they have since relieved him of his blogging duties and erased all evidence of him from their website. Students at Kanazawa’s school have also called for his resignation.

Kanazawa is no stranger to controversy, and has been posting questionable blogs on the PT site for over half a decade.

He previously posted blogs stating criminals look different from non-criminals and that all women are essentially prostitutes.

The professor reportedly has a sizeable following among the celebrity community.

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