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While Obama’s election had many feeling as though American as nation had overcome it’s long history of racial discrimination, is becoming clear that the president’s race is a problem for many.

Congressman Joe Wilson, who now faces a “resolution of disapproval,” seems to have been the spark behind the political racial debate.

Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus believe that racial hostility is stemming from an unwillingness to accept that fact the President of the United States is black.

“As far as African-Americans are concerned, we think most of it is,” Congressman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas told the Politico website. “And we think it’s very unfortunate. We as African-American people of course are very sensitive to it.”

“There’s a very angry, small group of folks that just didn’t like the fact that Barack Obama won the presidency,” said Mike Honda of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Congressman James Clyburn, third ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives remains conflicted behind Mr. Wilson’s motivation.

“I don’t know if they [Republicans] would do it or not” to a white president, he said, after the president’s speech to Congress. “All I can say is, I’ve never seen it done.”

Since the “outburst,” it has become known that Congressman Wilson and a small group of South Carolina Republicans supported to campaign to keep the Confederate flag flying over the state’s capitol.

The flag is known to have negative, pro-slavery South connotations and is known as a mark of racism. Also surfaced are the details behind Wilson’s membership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which is also known as “neo-conderate” group.

What seems to be blatant racism, is often brushed off by the President and his highest aides. When forced to acknowledge the thinly veiled racism White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told CNN: “I don’t think the president believes that people are upset because of the colour of his skin”.

Gibbs response is believed to be a deflector for people to remain focused on the President’s political agenda.