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Mister Cee has finally decided to openly talk about his past.

Last week, during an appearance on rapper Mainos podcast, Maino Presents: Kitchen Talk,  Mister Cee elaborated on his sexual preferences and schooled the Brooklyn MC on the correct terminology to use when referencing trans women. In the interview, as Maino asks the legendary DJ about his past, Cee stopped to correct the language used by Maino — who wrongly refers to trans women as “dudes” while referring back to the circumstances surrounding Cee’s 2013 scandal where a trans woman reportedly recorded a conversation of them bartering over the cost of sex acts and where they would be performed.

“Let me correct you. It wasn’t a dude that taped me,” Mister Cee said. “It was a transexual woman that taped me. It was not a man. You wanna learn from the master? They will get at you if you don’t talk the right terminology. You will have problems.”

Taking up Cee on his advice, Maino attempts to shift his language, by asking if adding the word “looks like” would reduce the offense, to which the “Hi Hater” rapper was once again educated on the simplicity of what Cee is attracted to.

“Do you prefer that it’s a man that looks like a woman?” Maino asked.

To which Cee replied, “Maino, Maino, Maino, stop being difficult. That’s what a transexual woman is, a man that dresses like a woman.”

While Mister Cee’s public arrests have shown his then-secret love for trans women, it was his ability to walk in his truth that made him a champion for those happy that he was unapologetic with his preference. But prior to his ability to live out loud, Mister Cee had several run-ins with the law and was arrested in 2011 and 2013 for lewd acts and attempting to solicit prostitutes. In 2014, he resigned from his role at HOT 97 after more than 20 years to “take care” of himself in the wake of his legal woes and “personal struggles.”

“Is that what you like though?” Maino continued, and Cee responded, “Yes! I already made that clear. Where we going here?! You know my story. You know how I am. You know what I do. My story is well documented. That’s what I do, bro. You know me. It’s what I do.”

Although Cee was met with some homophobic and transphobic criticism, many people flocked to the comments to congratulate him on finally living his truth.

Check out the full interview below.