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Kodak Black Claims Megan Thee Stallion Made A Career Off His Catchphrase

Source: C Flanigan / Getty

Is this another case of serious cappin’? Pardoned rapper Kodak Black has been on Twitter, claiming he is the inspiration behind some of the hottest acts in Hip-Hop and wants acknowledgment for it.

The Trump-supporting rapper is stirring up trouble on social media after claiming in a subliminal tweet that Megan Thee Stallion owes him becuase she “made a whole career” off the catchphrase “drive the boat,” which he adamantly claims he started. 

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Kodak Black wrote:

“Make a whole career off of taking one Lil piece of my shit & I B Coming For My Money.”

“Baby ain’t have to go out her way to give my credit, but the opportunity came to her instead when they asked that question on tv smh, and the be on some Black Lives Matter shit y’all don’t even be da this shit fr.”

Kodak Black’s “beef” stems from a March 2020  interview Megan Thee Stallion did with Strahan, Sara & Keke, where she was credited as being the originator of “drive the boat,” a catchphrase that has become more synonymous with Houston rapper and is used in reference to her giving shots of D’USSÉ from the bottle to fans and friends around her. Kodak has previously claimed that he is the originator.

Black even went as far as to suggest that instead of money, he would be willing to accept other forms of payment, writing in another tweet, “Or You Know What Ima Just Let Him Drive My Boat  & Call It Even.”

The Stallion’s new boo, Pardison Fontaine, didn’t really care for Black’s seemingly disrespectful tweet and responded, “BIG Ws !!!! REALLY AINT HEARING ALL THE OTHER SHIT he wrote on an Instagram post featuring photos of the couple celebrating her Grammy wins.

Megan Thee Stallion also seemingly didn’t care too much for what Kodak Black had to say and threw some shade back at Kodak Black in a tweet of her own writing, “Don’t mention me if you not a hottie thanks.”

Whatever the case is, we think Kodak Black should just exhibit some chill and let Megan Thee Stallion enjoy her success.

Photo: C Flanigan / Getty