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Behind The Scenes Video Shoot For "Shottas" With Xay Capisce And Lil Boosie

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Over the weekend a video of Boosie Badazz slapping fire out of a man’s esophagus made the rounds on social media. While the Louisiana rapper paid the man some good cash for the pimp slap, it was enough to get Badazz’s page suspended for a second.

The video shows Boosie kicking it with DaBaby in a convenience store when a homeless man began to slander Boosie calling him a “punk ass” and cutting ass on his profession saying “You can’t rap. How you gonna tell me you’re a god damn rapper?” What followed was a slap that probably caused a richter scale in the South to jump a few points.

Needless to say Boosie didn’t take the suspension too well as he’s used social media to cause all kinds of controversies and has kept his name buzzing seemingly every week for a different kind of reason. Upset that his account was shut down, Boosie took to Twitter to not only call Mark Zuckerberg a racist, but announce his brand new IG page, He’sBackAgain2021.

Boosie’s hella funny like that.

Boosie is no stranger to having his IG page shut down as he’s earned enough suspensions that it seemed like only a matter of time before he’d been shut down completely. Now that he’s got a new page up and poppin’ we wonder if Instagram will shut that one down too. Should be an interesting few days, y’all.–MtmsqyG/?utm_source=ig_embed