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The president of Honduras will have to keep the same energy when it comes to the law and his family. Juan Orlando Hernandez’s brother just got booked for running a drug organization.

As spotted on Raw Story, Juan Orlando Hernandez’s sibling was hit with his natural life in jail for his alleged participation in an international drug ring. Back in October 2019 Tony Hernandez, 42, was found guilty of four very serious counts of trafficking including conspiring to bring cocaine into the United States, possession of rapid fire rifles and lying under oath. What makes the story even more shocking is that Tony was also a former politician as well serving as a congressman in the South American country.

“This is state-sponsored drug trafficking and this is exactly the type of conduct the government should be targeting, because of the impact it has on Honduras,” U.S. prosecutor Matthew Laroche said. “Honduras is one of the principal drug transhipment places in the world and one of the most violent places in the world.” Laroche also went on to insunauted that his President brother was in on the scheme. “He secured protection from investigation, arrest and extradition by paying massive bribes to politicians, like his brother, and like (former president) Porfirio Lobo Sosa” he said.

The country of Honduras released a formal statement objecting to the notion that they cultivated an environment for crime. “We regret that these sentences have as a fundamental pillar, as a cornerstone, the evidently false statements of drug traffickers, who in order to seek benefits for themselves and their families in the United States, they go and lie,” the statement said.

President Hernandez has denied any participation in the drug trade and he has not been charged with a crime. Tony’s lawyer says he plans to appeal the decision.