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DMX is heavy on the mind and hearts of his family, friends, and adoring fans worldwide, and the news of the rapper’s passing spread rapidly on Thursday (April 8). However, Steve Rifkind, who is DMX’s official manager, has shut down the rumors and says that the Yonkers star is very much alive.

Taking to Instagram, Rifkind, the founder of the famed Loud Records label, posted a video message urging news outlets and others to discontinue posting “#RIPDMX” hashtags and the like across social media.

“Everybody, please stop posting with these rumors,” Rifkind said in the video statement. “DMX is still alive. Yes, he is on life support, but please. It’s not helping anybody by seeing these false rumors. Let the family relax for a night.”

Rifkind continued with, “You will be hearing a statement from the family sometime tomorrow. I’ve been with DMX for the past three years, so the only thing I ask is just stop with the rumors. He is still alive and he is still on life support.”

There have been several reports issued that the rapper born Earl Simmons is still being observed by medical authorities at the White Plains Hospital where he’s receiving around-the-clock care. According to additional details, DMX’s brain activity has not improved over the past six days as of Thursday (April 8).

The family will undoubtedly convene over the next several days as the world rallies around DMX and prays for his recovery. The prevailing thought that Rifkind confirmed is that the family will make an announcement soon.

Our thoughts and all the positive energy we can muster are with DMX.

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