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When it comes to being multi-talented, Jamie Foxx is a clear example and after his recent acquisition of BSB Bourbon, the Oscar-winning triple threat has shown that there isn’t a business venture he can’t make successful.

In films and on TV, Jamie Foxx has hit all the right notes. From his latest project, Netflix series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! which he co-produces with his daughter Corinne, to his upcoming biopic where he is portraying heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, Foxx knows how to choose winning projects. So when he announced that he acquired ownership of BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon in March, Foxx transitioned his storytelling talent to entrepreneurship, paving the way for Black creatives who aspire to capitalize on the intersection of creativity and business.

Hip-Hop Wired had a chance to sit down with the iconic actor, singer, songwriter, turned master distiller to talk about his latest acquisition, when fans can expect new music, and why he’s becoming the clear example of the creative’s blueprint to truly being successful.

HipHopWired: After such an illustrious and record-breaking career in entertainment, what made you want to dive into spirits?

Jamie Foxx: It’s always been a goal of mine to own an alcohol brand that brings life to the party – and we’re making that happen with BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon. BSB was the perfect brand for me because when you have a product that you actually like and dig, it all comes naturally.

Black entrepreneurship has been a hot topic lately, especially the importance of building generational wealth. Why do you feel that ownership is so important in the Black community?

This is the best time to live when it comes to being creative and being an entrepreneur, which made this the perfect time [for me] to get involved with Brown Sugar Bourbon. You hear people talk about the industrial age and all the ages that we studied in our school books, but in this age [we are in now], you can grab it right out of the air and make things happen. I don’t think there’s ever been a time to see people grabbing their businesses and being successful, they’ll talk about this moment for a long time.

It seems that many in the realm of R&B and Hip-Hop are branching off and starting more and more brands in the world of wine and liquor, what sets BSB apart?

I first got introduced to BSB through parties, and everyone knows I throw the biggest parties! When I tasted it, I said “this is the right flavor.” You can drink it however you want – you can put it on ice or you can drink it straight. BSB takes me back to my roots and it’s all about that good feeling. I just wanted a brand that was simple and accessible. I wanted something you can turn up with.

Will BSB be featured in any new videos for new music you’re dropping (see what I did there)?

Stay tuned for what we got coming – it’s going to blow you away!

Shifting quickly from one successful brand to another, how does it feel to be number one on Netflix with your latest show with your daughter, Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me, being renewed for season 2, and also will you guys be toasting to season 3 with BSB?

Thank you for saying that! What a blessing. I have tears in my eyes I’m so proud of my daughter, Corinne who is the only female producer on this show and she’s also the youngest – to have a #1 show on Netflix is a dream come true and joy in my soul!! We’ve been celebrating the show’s launch with BSB. If we are fortunate enough to get a season renewal from Netflix, we already have so many ideas of fun characters to dive into to keep the laughs coming.

When sipping on BSB, what’re your top 3 songs to play after a long day?

My top song has got to be “Blame It.” In 2008, the #1 song at that time was “Blame It (On the Alcohol)” by myself and T-Pain. Everyone kept saying it would’ve been cool to have a spirit or alcohol to sell. We didn’t have anything because everything that came to me I just didn’t feel. But when BSB came to me, I was like oh, this is dope! This is the time to jump into this.

What’s next on the radar for Jamie Foxx?

It’s a really exciting time for me and my team, we feel energized. Beat Shazam season 4 is premiering on Fox on June 3rd that I co-host with my oldest daughter Corinne.

I have a film that I just shot for Netflix called They Cloned Tyrone with John Boyega which is going to be super dope. I’m shooting another Netflix film called Day Shift with Dave Franco right now. Plus, we just recently announced an overall deal with Sony with projects in development, a producing deal with Viacom, we are producing two documentaries for Apple TV+ called Number One on the Call Sheet: Black Leading Women in Hollywood and Number One on the Call Sheet: Black Leading Men in Hollywood plus a bunch of other stuff that’s in the pipeline.