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Onyx Grand Opening

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This new era of Hip-Hop has seen its fair share of questionable and downright weird moves that’s constantly drawn the ire of 80’s and 90’s babies alike.

Now Lil Yachty is pushing the envelope and has teamed with Crete to debut his own line of nail polish line for women and metrosexual men who need that right shine on their nails whenever throwing up the peace sign. Dubbed his Negatives 001, Yachty’s new venture into the cosmetics game is sure to create buzz and possibly billions if Kylie Jenner’s line has shown us anything.

Demonstrating his new product with his own manicured mittens, Negative 001’s come packaged in black cylindrical vials and will be available for purchase on Crete’s website come May 21st.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, but before y’all go out there and slander Yachty for his new feminist product, remember that the man and his cabin crew do hand out fades like barbers when need be. So approach at your own peril.

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