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DMX TVone Uncensored

Source: TV One / TV One Uncensored

It’s been a few weeks since the untimely passing of Hip-Hop legend, DMX and while we still mourn the passing of the icon, fans will in fact get to see and hear X one last time.

On May 16, TV One will be airing DMX’s final interview for Uncensored and the network shared a clip of the late, great Yonkers rapper speaking about being grateful for his life and how he feels it was all basically meant to be.

Dressed down in all-black and dark camo attire, X candidly says, “I’m going to look back on my life, just before I go, and thank God for every moment. It’s those moments, when they come together, that you see the beauty in who you are and why you are.”

Yeah, we’re almost sure we’ll be watching this entire interview holding back tears and keeping that frog in our throat from jumping out. Just sayin.’

DMX passed away at the young age of 50-years-old after a few days of being on life-support due to a suspected drug overdose. After a few days of being in a vegetative state with no brain activity, doctors attempted some tests to see if his brain would react. It did not and the hardest decision a family can make was made. DMX was pronounced dead on April 9, 2021.

DMX’s final interview will air on TV One’s Uncensored on May 16 at 8pm. Will you be tuning in? We know we will.

Rest In Power, King.