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Senegalese Rappers Shaking Up Youth Ahead of Polls

“Enough is enough,” that is the English translation for the French slang, “Y’en a marre,” which is the name of the group in Senegal that is against the re-election of President Abdoulaye Wade.

Fadel Barro, the journalist who founded the group is on a mission to get young voters on his side.

“We couldn’t keep talking without getting involved,” he said. “Politicians failed. They did not put people first. So we are trying to get them back involved.”

And they are doing just that with concerts, demonstrations and black T-shirts with their name. “Y’en a marre” is focusing on encouraging youths who have turned 18 since the last election in 2007 to register for the February 2012 vote to get Wade out of office.

Keur Gui are a pair of rappers that are a part of the movement whose songs discuss corruption, urban flooding and rolling power cuts.

After revolutions in North Africa and contested elections elsewhere in the region, analysts warn against a poll that may be tampered with.

The Senegalese people are ready to rise and even though the anti-Wade group is in the hundreds at this time, they hope to expand and continue to write, protest and spit, “Enough is Enough.”