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Source: Bloomberg / Getty

People and love to UPS drivers as they bring us the packages we order online, but now it seems like they’re also saving lives while on the job.

According to CBS New York, a UPS driver put on his brown cape and intervened to help a teen who was in the midst of being beaten and robbed over a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. The jux went down last Friday (May 14) when UPS driver Christopher McCall witnessed a teenager getting pounded out and relieved of his 1’s on 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue. After seeing what was going down McCall sprung into action and saved the 17-year-old victim from the hands and feet of his two assailants.

“I yelled back, ‘Really? That’s all you want? You wanted his sneakers?’” Christopher McCall told CBS2’s Cory James.

Losing consciousness, the 17-year-old told McCall, “I can’t breathe” and “I’m a diabetic.”

McCall told the kid to keep still while imploring the people in the crowd to call for an ambulance. Someone did.

“That somebody was a young woman who happened to capture a picture showing McCall with a banana in his hand that was given to him by another New Yorker stepping in to help the young man, whose sugar was dropping.”

“I called 911,” the woman said. “It was amazing to see New Yorkers come together rather than just walk by … He was very heroic. He jumped in and handled it like it was his own kid.”

Christopher McCall is a hero.

Police apprehended the two suspects the next day, one who was 17-years-old and the other a 16-year-old. Both are facing charges of robbery and possession of stolen property.

Air. Force. 1’s, b.

No word on whether the sneakers in question were limited edition pairs of 1’s or something (enquiring sneaker minds wanna know!), but the victim is expected to make a full recovery.