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Derek Chauvin mugshot

Source: Minnesota Department of Corrections / Minnesota Department of Corrections

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin might’ve been convicted of murdering George Floyd last summer, but he’s still awaiting sentencing and prosecutors want the menace to society put away for a few decades.

Raw Story is reporting that prosecutors are asking the judge overseeing the case that he be sentenced to 30 years in prison for his “egregious abuse” of his job as a police officer and called his actions “particularly cruel.”

No lies detected there.

Interestingly enough Chauvin is facing up to 40 years in prison as the charge of second-degree murder carries with it a 4 decade sentence, so an ask of 30 years is a small break for Chauvin if we ever saw one.

They recalled that Judge Peter Cahill had ruled there were four aggravating factors in the case, allowing him to depart from state sentencing guidelines and clearing the path for a tough sentence.

Being a first-time offender, Chauvin can face as small a bid as 12 and a half years in jail but given the “aggravated factors” in the case, Judge Cahill can opt to bless Chauvin with a much longer sentence.

Naturally, Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, is requesting a “probationary sentence with an incarceration period of time served.”

“Aside from the “long-term damage a prison sentence would inflict upon Mr Chauvin’s life prospects, given his age, convictions for officer-involved offenses significantly increase the likelihood of him becoming a target in prison,” Nelson wrote.””

Nelson even suggested that Chauvin wasn’t aware he was breaking the law when kneeling on George Floyd’s neck and “simply performing his lawful duty in assisting other officers in the arrest of George Floyd.”

“Mr Chauvin’s offense is best described as an error made in good faith… not intentional commission of an illegal act,” the lawyer said.”

Yeah, he needs to get a 30 for 30 out here. Do expect all kinds of outrage from MAGA country should Chauvin be sentenced to anything more than a week in jail though. That’s just how things are these days.

Aside from facing a stiff prison sentence, Chauvin also has to deal with federal civil rights charges in connection with Floyd’s death on the horizon.