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Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and Odd Future Squash Beef On Twitter

What started off as a war of words on Twitter between R&B singer Chris Brown and Cali collective Odd Future started getting serious this week when a video of Chris Brown’s associates attempting to chase down Odd Future singer Frank Ocean appeared on the internet yesterday.

Before things begin to escalate even further, it seems as if cooler heads have prevailed, as Chris Breezy and OF front-man Tyler, The Creator agreed to end their feud on Twitter last night.

“This Shyte Isn’t Gonna Stop Till Someone Gets Fawking Killed. I Feel Like Its Gonna Be One Of My Ni**as Just Skating Down The Street,” Tyler, the Creator tweeted.

“Send 7 Dudes With A Camera To Make Frankie Look Like A Beyotch, Like, Really?” he added. “And Its Not [Chris] That’s Doing It, Its The People Around Him. They Like ‘You Gonna Let Him Say That? Fawk That N*gga’. This Shyte Has Gotten Outta Hand. Real Shyte.”

Frank Ocean later added his thoughts tweeting, “alrite. this has to end. freeze on social networks for a minute. freeze on the internet. freeze on the matrix. real world time. brb.”

Chris Brown cosigned Tyler and Frank’s statements saying, “This beef Shyte is stupid, @frank_ocean I respect ya music and you and Odd Future! Ain’t beefing wit nobody. Y’all can have that! Love.”

Tyler responded: “@chrisbrown Shyte Got Too Real On Both Ends. I’m Over It. We’re All Over This Shyte. Its Stupid As Fawk. Swag It Out.”

Hopefully this truly does put an end to the Chris Brown/Odd Future saga. This entire thing was unnecessary to begin with.

It’s good to see that these artists realized the pettiness of their beef and agreed to put a stop to it before someone gets hurt over some bravado on Twitter.

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