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Bishop Paul Morton Says Long Needs To Repent

One man of the cloth is coming forth and saying Bishop Eddie Long needs to confess his wrong doings to his congregation and repent his sins to Christ.

In recent sermon Bishop Paul Morton called Bishop Long to task saying Long, owes his congregation an explanation after reportedly settling for $25 million in a sexual misconduct case.

“Show me some humility… Those that have stood with you, tell us something,” said Morton, referring to Long’s silence about the case. “Tell your church something.”

He added, “Some people are going to stay with you, some are going to leave you, but you have to leave that up to God.”

Morton goes on to say Long, who became a Bishop under him, has stopped answering his phone calls. He pleaded with Long to turn to God in repentance for his actions,  “All I’m waiting for Bishop…is for you to repent,” he said.

Check out excerpt from the sermon below: