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Kanye West and his billion-dollar ego have reached new heights of disrespect after losing it during a court-ordered deposition for a lawsuit with MyChannel last week. Allegedly, of course.

According to HipHopDX, the rapper called Michael Popok, MyChannel’s lawyer, “boy” at least 12 times during the brief deposition. He’s white, y’all.  

While the deposition lasted only 10 minutes, Kanye utilized the time to play with his phone, refer to his creative talent as “mental genius-ness” and hurl insults at Popok by asking if he was “f*cking stupid.”  He even told him that he’s lucky to be deposing the “richest Black man in America and a Black Trump supporter and that he couldn’t be bothered with the deposition because he had lives (and diets) to change.”

To make things even weirder, ‘Ye put on a “full-face hood and head covering adorned with Jesus Christ’s image which obscured his face and muffled his voice.”  MyChannel’s lawyers requested he remove the mask, but the “Jesus Walks” rapper declined, citing they didn’t have to see his face. 

Kanye’s lawyers watched on while refusing to intervene as their client proudly bragged about his disruptive behavior.  One of them even chimed, “that was some crazy sh*t” during the circus. 

Eventually, the failed presidential candidate abruptly left the meeting altogether, prompting MyChannel’s legal team to file an emergency motion to officially drag him into court for an in-person deposition in front of a judge.      

“West’s bad faith efforts to sabotage the deposition will be viewed by the Court as one of the most outrageous and inappropriate deposition performances it has observed as well,” one of MyChannel’s lawyers said in a statement.

If you remember, executives at the Black-owned hi-tech company believe Kanye broke a promise after agreeing to invest in their business in exchange for maximizing revenue for Sunday Service and Yeezy merchandise. They claim the rap superstar stole their technology to benefit from it before cutting ties with the company. MyChannel is suing Kanye for a whopping $20 million in damages.