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Spotify Launches Its Clubhouse Competitor Called Greenroom

Source: Spotify / Spotify Greenroom

Watch out Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. There is a new live audio app on the block.

Spotify’s acquisition of Locker Room has bear fruit in the form of a new live audio app called Greenroom that has officially launched on iOS and Android devices Wednesday (Jun.16). Greenroom is also the music streaming giant’s first attempt at a social media platform. It is basically like the Clubhouse allowing users to host and engage in live conversations about music, sports, and culture.

Unlike most things Spotify launches, Greenroom didn’t come with any fanfare, with the company opting to roll out the new app to customers and letting it do all the talking and strongly encouraging them to sign up by tempting them with apps features and the ability to monetize their work with the Spotify Creator Fund. Even though Greenroom has its own native app, some of its core functionality will eventually make its way to the Spotify app, a person close to the situation revealed speaking with The Verge

To download Greenroom, potential users will have to type in Locker Room in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store to find the app. Users who already have been signed up to Locker Room primarily used the app to talk about sports. Now they might be undergoing some shock seeing the other topics popping up. Other big changes to the app that Betty Lab created and later purchased by Spotify back in March included the new green aesthetic as a new logo and font.

Functionality-wise, users will now have the ability to record and save their shows and share them as podcasts. Although it is not required, you can sign in with your current Spotify login or just signup, and during that process, you can choose your interests ranging from a variety of topics.

Spotify joining an already crowded space that still includes Clubhouse, which has lost its popularity following the launch of Twitter Spaces. Slack, Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and LinkedIn are also working on voice-only social media functions.

There is nothing wrong with having options.

Photo: Spotify / Spotify Greenroom