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Miles Morales new costume

Source: Marvel / Marvel

It’s already been 10 years since Marvel introduced the world to fan-favorite Spider-Man, Miles Morales. To celebrate the Afro-Latino character’s “birthday,” the OG comic book company has given Miles a revamped look and new costume.

Ditching the tight “bred” spandex suit in place for baggy threads that look more like a tracksuit than anything, the new Spidey outfit will at least give fans a better chance at dressing like their favorite superhero at the next Comic Con and being comfortable while doing so. Newsarama broke the story of the new look Spidey whose new redesigned duds were done courtesy of Spider-Man maven Chase Conley.

“Happy 10th anniversary, Miles Morales! This is it, 10 years as Spider-Man and his future has never looked brighter,” reads Marvel’s description of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30. “A who’s who of Miles Morales Spider-creators has been webbed together to make this the best anniversary special of all time!”

The new suit is set to debut on September 1st in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30 which will be helmed by series writer, Saladin Ahmed, artist Carmen Carnero and a gang of other Spider-Man afficionados who’ll be creating new storyline’s around your favorite Black & Latino friendly neighborhood superhero.

Check out the new look Miles Morales Spidey below and let us know if you like the new threads or prefer the old spandex look.