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Lupe Fiasco Praises Lil B’s “I’m Gay (I’m Happy),” Deems It “Genius & Revolutionary”

The cosigns are continuing to pour in for the based god Lil B. Since the surprise release of his album, I’m Gay, B is now receiving praise from Lupe Fiasco who went on record calling it “one of the best rap albums I heard in a looooong time. Some MFDoom x Ghostface x Kanye flava to it…”

Lupe added on Twitter, “Controversial, independent, fearless with a massive movement built off a crazy work ethic…sounds like #Winning to me. Why hate on that???

Lupe says “new jack” rappers can learn from the young emcee and then broke down reasons why the title of the album is so important on

“First let me make something abundantly clear, the title “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” I think is absolute genius. Those two words together side by side in almost any format in the society we live in can be a cultural and social death sentence. And in many places in the world (even here in the good ole’ US of A) they can mean an ACTUAL death sentence.”

Fiasco didn’t stop there, he wished that there was a song entitled “James Baldwin” and cited James as a prominent black intellectual radical who was openly gay.

“Now the doper thing about the title is that it exposed the raw power of words and reinforces the concept that “perception is king” in a very simple and even remedial use of homonym (no pun intended but you gotta chalk that up as a mean double entendre!)

The word “gay” referring to homosexuality in the minds of the “guilty” ,as well call them here, sent shockwaves throughout our hip-hop community.

Making Lil B the target of attack and ridicule. But Lil B’s ultimate intention and preference for the word “gay” was its “one who is happy” definition. So basically my lil homey was being attacked for being happy. The poetic justice in that is awe inspiring.”

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